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Opening Hours

  • First Half
    10.00am – 2.00pm
  • Second Half
    3.30pm – 6.00pm


Sarvopathy Yogalay Harish Vaidya 5, Amar Jyot Shopping Center, Opp. Indra Complex, Spandan Circle, Manjalpur, Vadodara.

A Brief Introduction of Yogacharya Harish Vaidya

  • Yogacharya Harish Vaidya is an active member in Naturopathy and Yoga Community for many years.
  • Uptil now he has addressed around 1300 yoga shivirs.
  • He is an officially appointed Yoga instructor for the Gujarat State Police.
  • He has conducted Yoga Sessions for the Gujarat State legislative assembly members, minister, MLA’s and various officials associated with assembly
  • He has conducted Yoga Sessions for corporation of various cities, Political parties their volunteers, official party members, etc.
  • At the international headquarters of Brahma Kumar’s situated in Mt. Abu, he has been an honorary guest’s to many of their health programs.
  • Distinguished religious organization such as Gujarati family, Swaminarayan family, Vaishnav family and their respective religious heads have also taken benefit from his sea of knowledge.
  • Scientists from BARC have attended his sessions.
  • Celebration of all Festival & Get – Together for Children
  • Many players from Indian Cricket Team have undergone his training.
  • He has addressed many IPS officers of Gujarat State Police.


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Traditional way of treatment which involves applying pressure to the points to relief pain.

Ayurveda Treatment

An ancient medical science of treatment in today’s modern world to deal with day to day health problem.


Safe and harmless type of treatment of major diseases through natural, herbal and ayurvedic medicines.


An easy and timeless healing process for cleansing and detoxifying your body according to Ayurveda.


A breathing exercise to extend your breath which also means to extend your life force through daily practice.

Yoga Upchar

A art to improve health and happiness of physical, mental and spiritual state of body through daily practice.

The Ayurveda Center For Health Care

Ayurvedic Treatments

A traditional way of medication based on experience and observation by Yogacharya Harish Vaidya..

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A timeless healing process and cleansing of body through Ayurveda..

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Ayurvedic and organic products for daily use available at Yogalay..

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