Yogacharya Harish Vaidya is an active member in Naturopathy and Yoga Community for many years. Uptil now he has addressed around 1300 yoga shivirs.

He is an officially appointed Yoga instructor for the Gujarat State Police. He has conducted Yoga Sessions for the Gujarat State legislative assembly members, minister, MLA’s and various officials associated with assembly

He has conducted Yoga Sessions for corporation of various cities, Political parties their volunteers, official party members, etc. At the international headquarters of Brahma Kumar’s situated in Mt. Abu, he has been an honorary guest’s to many of their health programs.

Distinguished religious organization such as Gujarati family, Swaminarayan family, Vaishnav family and their respective religious heads have also taken benefit from his sea of knowledge.

Scientists from BARC have attended his sessions. Celebration of all Festival & Get – Together for Children Many players from Indian Cricket Team have undergone his training. He has addressed many IPS officers of Gujarat State Police.

The Ayurveda Center For Health Care



Yogacharya Harish Vaidya of Sarvopathy Yogalaya is an experienced and well known yoga guru with more than 25 years of experience all over Gujarat, Maharashtra & Karnataka, also experience in the field of ayurveda since 10 years. He is specialist in ayurveda treatment, naturopathy treatment, panchkarma treatment, treatment through yoga pranayama, acupressure treatment and many other.

Yogacharya Harish Vaidya has been devoted his life for the wellness of people in today’s modern world through the means of ancient tradition medication i.e. ayurveda treatment and also many ways of naturopathy treatment to cure many diseases, also he provides acupressure treatments when required.

He is also a well know yoga guru providing complete yoga pranayama training all over Gujarat. He has been appointed as a yoga trainer (yog prashikshak) of entire Gujarat Police. He also conducts yoga sessions for common people, and also cures minor disease through yoga treatment. Many people through daily yoga and pranayam practices under the guidance of Yogacharya Harish Vaidya have been benefited for long term.

At Sarvopathy Yogalaya all these natural treatments are done personally by Yogacharya Harish Vaidya and appropriate ayurvedia medication is done. Through his consultation countless patients have been benefited and cured from long term suffering diseases through natural process of medication.